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Australia Immigration
Australia provides opportunities to the foreign workers to explore the skilled jobs and make a good career. Australia Skilled Immigration Program allows you to live and work in Australia as a permanent resident.Permanent Residence VISA for the whole family of which you can avail the benefits of work full time, health insurance, education etc.

Australia is one among the most popular immigration destinations in the world. There are many opportunities available for migration to the country with skilled migration visa, business visa, study visa, etc. Australia has secularism with diverse cultures associated with one nation. The immigration rules are equal for all without any prejudice or discrimination. The primary objective is to develop the society as per the needs of the Labor market, economy enhancement, and industrial development. These policies and rules for Australian immigration change with time and may be reviewed on a regular basis for the new immigrants willing to get Australia PR. The point-based system for Australia immigration is highly organized, and the state invites many immigrants every year. This advanced country has the best infrastructure and powerful economy rate with several benefits to the immigrants for leading a happy lifestyle.

Visa Type: Permanent Residency Visa
Visa Validity: 5 Years Multi Entry Visa
Visa Processing Time: 6 - 8 Months

Eligibility Criteria:

- Should be a Diploma holder / Graduate or a Post Graduate from a recognised Institution
- Should have at least 3 years of Work experience
- Good English language proficiency (IELTS, TOEFL or PTE)
- Age less than 44 years
- Should score at least 60 marks in Australia Immigration Points based system

There are many other factors which plays major role in deciding whether your profile meets minimum eligibility criteria for Australian PR or not.

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Benefits of Australian Permanent Residency Visa

- Free Education to Children
- Free Medical Facilities for entire family
- Work in any sector or start your own business
- Be eligible for Australian Citizenship after 3 years
- Spouse can work full time
- Sponsor eligible relatives
- Earn in Dollars and huge savings
- High Standard of living and International exposure to your carreer

*You're also eligible to apply for Semi- Government jobs
*You can also work in New Zealand without the need of a seperate visa

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FEE Details

Skills Assessment Fee: Depending on the Skills Assessment Authority (AUD 500 - AUD 1500)
Visa Application Fee (primary applicant): AUD 3670
Dependent Application Fee(Spouse): AUD 1835
Dependent Application Fee(Children below 18 years): AUD 920

* Apart from fee payment you'd need to show proof of funds depending upon the number of applicants applying at the time of visa application

Australian Immigration Processing Stages

Eligibility Check : We check wheteher you can score at least 60 points under the points grid and nominate an occupation under the list of eligible occupations. Your EAR report gives you all information about points summary, Nominated occupation ANZSCO Code, English language proficiency requirements, Skills assessment authority and other required details.

Skills Assessment: Your skills and qualifications needs to be assessed by a relevant assessing body. Skills assessment report is required before you submit an Expression Of Interest. Processing time and application fee varies as per the assessing authority.

Submit an Expression Of Interest: EOI is an online application (skillselect system) where in you submit all your personal and professional information. This information can be updated at anytime before you get Invitation to apply. Points are calculated based on the information provided and all successful EOIs are pushed to pool of application.

Pool of Applications: All successful EOIs who has scored more than 60 points are pooled at this stage. Every applicant is ranked based on EOI score, date and time of applicaton. EOI is valid for two years in the pool.

Invitation To Apply: Australian Immigration department picks applications from pool on regular monthly / bi-weekly intervals. ITA is valid for 60 days, and visa application needs to be launched within this 60 days, else ITA will expire.

Apply for Visa: Once you receive ITA visa application needs to be submitted along with all documents, if you are accompanying spouse and children, then thier application also needs to be submitted with all relevant fees. Medicals and Police Clearance Certificate is also required during the visa processing.

How to Start Australian PR Visa Process

Firstly: Check your technical eligibility
We check wheteher you can score at least 60 points under the points grid and nominate an occupation under the list of eligible occupations. Your EAR(Eligibility Assessment Report) gives you all information about points summary, Nominated occupation ANZSCO Code, English language proficiency requirements, Skills assessment authority, Visa Fee required, Proof of funds requirments, stages involved in the process and other required details.

Secondly: Initiate further process by registering with Bridge Immigration

What you get when you register with Bridge Visas?
- Induction on immigration process in detail right from stages involved to documents required, any special requirements to meet, visa fees, miscellaneous expenses and other important details related to process.
- Customized documents checklist as per your profile for the relevant application stage
- Timely follow ups and visa status updates
- Every application is cross checked by experts at multiple stages to ensure visa application accuracy
- Sample formats for various letters, and assisstance in how to get transcripts and other documents
- Our experienced team will fill forms, prepare application with all relevant documents and submit the application
- Post landing services
- Hassle free, trustworthy and reliable services

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