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Canada is a beautiful country which quality educational life which attracts International students. It is ranked among Top 10 quality of life countries by United Nations. More than 1,00,000 International students visit Canada for higher education.

Studying in Canada will give vast opportunities for a student and it is a popular destination with vast landscapes and beautiful locations with quality education which attracts International students. Most students prefer Canada as their higher education because it’s a degree helpful at Global platform and can get easily jobs in any sector. Its degree has importance in the world compared to other top countries like USA New Zealand, Australia and other European countries.

Universities in Canada

The most popular provinces in Canada for International students for higher education are Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia where many Top Universities of Canada are located. Around 3 Universities from Canada are in World’s Top 50 Universities.

Some of the Top most Universities in Canada are listed below :

  • University of Toronto
  • McGil University
  • University of British Columbia
  • University of Alberta
  • McMaster University
  • University of Waterloo

Cost Of Studying in Canada

Tuition fee in Canada vary from course to course depending upon what kind of course you have taken. In Ontario students pay Tuition fees on average of CA$8,500 per year.

And if you are a citizen of Canada then students need to pay CA $6,500 per year for undergraduate degree and around $6,900 for Postgraduate degree.

Financial support to study in Canada

There are many facilities for students who want to study in Canada as the Universities provide financial support for International students for both Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels. Students should apply for scholarships as early as possible so that they can get maximum benefits from the University studies. International students should research few Study in Abroad kind of schemes offered by organizations in their home country.

Jobs for Students in Canada

Canada allows students to do Part time and Full time Jobs during their semesters. For Part time they can work for upto 18-20 hours while they can work for Full time during their Winter, Summer breaks.

Criteria for Jobs :

  • You need to have valid study permit.
  • You should be studying Academic programs which leads you to get a degree and has a duration of 6 months of course.
  • You should be a Full time student.