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Family Sponsorship Visa

An Overview:

Family Sponsorship Visa allow dependents of a person to join him/her in a foreign country if he/she has a permanent residency in the international country. The dependent of a person includes his/her family members, relatives, and friends. Today, Family Sponsorship Visas are commonly used by people for traveling to other foreign countries on behalf of their sponsors.

Applying for Family Sponsorship Visa:

Family Sponsorship Visas can be applied while being in the home country or in the country of permanent residency.  If an individual is applying for a Family Sponsorship Visa from within the country of permanent residency, then he/she must not be holding a visitor visa or any visa of a similar kind. If they are, they must leave the country and then apply.  If the individual is inside the country and holds any other type of visa, they are eligible to switch to a Family Sponsorship Visa.

Relations that are eligible to apply:

     Spouse/Partners: If you are applying for a dependent visa of a country and you are spouse/partner of a person who is a resident of that country, then you are eligible for the visa.

     Children:  Children, below 18 years of age, of a person, who is a foreign national, are eligible for a Family Sponsorship Visa. The children above 18 are not considered as a dependent, so they do not fall on the eligibility list.

     Relatives: Relatives of a permanent resident person of a foreign country, are eligible for acquiring a family sponsorship visa.

     Student Family Sponsorship Visa: If you are going abroad to study, you may bring your dependent family members with you. You can either incorporate their process into your student visa application or apply for a family sponsorship visa after you move abroad. Once you have started your course, they will be allowed to stay with you on this visa.

What are the basic requirements to apply?

There is not much constrain in applying for a family sponsorship visa. However, the things to keep in mind are:

     Support: Individuals or members, who are entering in a foreign country on the basis of family sponsorship visa or being invited as dependents, must have financial aid to carry a comfortable stay in the county. But this is not the case for all countries. Some countries do impose this condition.

     Language: Language is not a mandatory requirement for entering all countries as dependent. However, countries like Canada, Australia and USA demand for an approved English language assessment result when applying for a family sponsorship visa.

     Evidences: If you are applying for a family sponsorship visa then you have to provide these evidence to the country officials in which you are applying;

  • Evidence of your relationship with your family in the form of an officially issued birth certificate or/and marriage certificate.
  • School going dependents need a school enrollment certificate.
  • Evidence of health insurance for each dependent.