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Germany Immigration.

Germany has been named as the 2nd most favourable country in the world to migrate after USA. It got this status due to its Good Economy, Excellent Education and Job opportunities.

To migrate to Germany you need valid reasons. There are many ways where you can migrate to this country. Some of them are listed below:

  • Germany immigration for Family
  • Germany immigration for PR
  • Germany immigration for employment
  • Germany immigration Education

Requirements to migrate to Germany.

Though many people migrate to Germany by giving various reasons but most of the reasons are similar to each other. Here is the list of followings you need to fulfil the criteria :

Financial Stability.

You need to show proof of funds or say you should have enough financial stability to support yourself when you are in Germany. You should have finance to support your expenses initially till you get a proper Job.

Language Proficiency.

To get settled in Germany you need to learn or know basic german language. There are three levels to test your language ability and there are divided into A,B and C category. A and B are basic level language while C is higher German language which is advanced. So you need to get minimum A or B level score to process further.

Health Insurance.

You need to check your health by getting a proper health insurance certificate. But its better you take Germany Health Insurance as german authorities may reject foreign health insurance certificate.

Germany Visa.

Apart from few European countries, other parts of the world should apply Visa in-order to migrate to Germany. European countries citizens can apply PR after entering Germany without any Visa.
There are different ways to get Visa. They are listed below:

  • Employment VISA
  • Business VISA
  • Study VISA
  • Job Seeker VISA
  • Tourist / Visitor VISA and few others.

Permanent Resident (PR) visa in Germany.

This visa is also called as Settlement visa. This is given to those residents who have got Blue card (given to those who aren’t European citizen) for atleast 5 years and are meeting the required Language proficiency.