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Canada Immigration- Canada Express Entry

In 2015 January, Canada strengthened its immigration system. It believed that more number of workers from outside can bring in balance to the economy, population growth to the country and also improve ties of Canada with various nations. It is then; the Canadian government and the Immigration Department of Canada introduced a flexible system for candidates to migrate to Canada. This system was named as Canada Express Entry.

Canada Express Entry- new immigration system of Canada

Prior to 2015, Canada followed an immigration system which was based on quota selection. Irrespective of skills or education, anyone who was able to submit application within the quota limit was issued with a PR visa to permanently settle in Canada. The government believed an improvement must be made as this system had several loopholes.

Canada Express Entry which came in as a new system to manage PR applications brought in a great shift. Skilled workers whose demand was high in Canada got first preference under this system. An online platform of Canada Express Entry was introduced through which candidate from worldwide can submit their applications. These judged against each other based on highest points and the chosen ones are given an invitation to settle permanently in Canada. According to the purpose of immigration and level of skills, a candidate can choose from four immigration program managed by Canada Express Entry:

• Federal Skilled Worker Visa
• Federal Skilled Trades Visa
• Canadian Experience Class
• Provincial Nominee Programs

Benefit for Employers: One of the more interesting aspects of the Express Entry system is the role that Canadian employers can now play in the immigration process. The Express is linked with a job port known as Canada Job Bank. This helps employers in selecting candidates from the pool who have skills and experience that is most required by their companies. After they have selected them, they can offer a job offer and boost their scores for quicker PR visa.

Benefit for Professionals: Skilled Professionals who apply for a Permanent Resident Visa through Canada Express Entry get work rights unlike a Canadian work permit. This means that they are allowed to migrate to Canada with family, take up work and settle in the nation for a long term. Additionally, several companies give unemployment insurance for candidates who have PR visa and have been unemployed for long. A thorough verification is conducted before.

Benefit for International Students: Canada Express Entry has an exclusive program for international students. Since students and temporary residents already have an international adaptability, the can apply for PR visa in less work experience, boost points for foreign education and make Canada their permanent home.

Benefit for families: The family members of a PR visa holder can either accompany him during his entry or can move to Canada after he settles there. The condition is the timeline given must not exceed to do so. As a permanent resident visa holder, a candidate and his residing family get free education (for kids under 18 years) and free healthcare for entire family (excluding dental care). Moreover, visa holders can also sponsor eligible relatives, parents etc. in future. If he is entitled to country’s pension plan, in future he also get pension. The entire family can apply to become citizens of Canada after 3-4 years.

Stages involved in Canada Express Entry
• Points Calculation
• Educational Credential Assessment
• Expression of Interest
• Pool of Applications
• Invitation to Apply
• Medicals & PCC submission
• Visa and PR fee payment
• Passport Stamping
• Visa approval