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Quebec Immigration

An Overview:

Quebec, being one of the biggest province of Canada has a lot to offer to its potential newcomers. The life in Quebec is pleasant and the companies have great scope for immigrants from worldwide. Though being province and a part of Canada, Quebec accepts PR visa applications neither through Canada Express Entry programs nor has any provincial nomination program aligned with Express Entry. Whenever candidates plan to migrate and take benefits of stay in the province, they are demanded to apply under a separate immigration program. Quebec has its own rules in terms of immigration and law. Based on the province requirements, the targets of immigration for each year are set. For the coming year, Quebec immigration plan has been set at a very high target, giving way to huge

What is different about Quebec immigration?

Immigration Process: The immigration process of Quebec is purely different that other immigration programs of Canada. Though there are different types of visas available depending upon category or purpose of immigration, the most preferred visa for Quebec immigration is the Quebec Skilled Worker Visa program. Under this program, the candidate initially needs to prepare his application, submit it to the Mon Projet account and wait for the opening of intake. The unique features of this program are:

  • Quota based system- Unlike points based, where applications are considered based on points, Quebec runs on quota system. During every opening, Quebec sets a specific quota and invites applicants. If the quota is filled, the intake period closes.
  • First come first serve process- this means that the applications must be submitted quickly when the opening takes place.
  • No EOI- In this, there is no requirement of Expression of Interest. Candidate must create initial application and submit. Once it gets accepted he receives a CSQ (Quebec Certificate) based on which he can then apply for PR visa.
  • No Pool/Draw system- there is no draw or pool of applications to select applications. All applications that are submitted within quota time are accepted irrespective of their location, skills, experience etc.

Eligibility Requirements: The Quebec immigration program has comparatively flexible eligibilty requirement, especially in English language and work experience requirement. Candidates even with experience as low as 6 months and IELTS 5 bands can apply for Canada PR through Quebec immigration program.

Processing Time: On a comparison, to other process of Canada immigration programs, Quebec immigration program has a lengthier processing time. The whole system is based on how quickly intakes occur and applications are accepted.

How to apply for Quebec immigration visa as skilled worker?

  • Check eligibility
  • Educational Credential Assessment (not mandatory)
  • Creation of Mon Projet Account
  • Update profile/ create application
  • During opening submit application
  • Pay fees after CSQ and file final application
  • PR is issued

 Quebec does not accept applications of candidates who are/have:

  • Risk to the country
  • Committed any kind of human/international rights violations
  • Been convicted of crime within Canada or outside anywhere
  • Linked up with criminal or illegal organizations
  • Serious health issues
  • Unstable financially
  • Fraud or faked in application previously
  • Rejected for duplicity or fake in visa interview
  • Any other reasons which is against Quebec law