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If you are a student who loves chocolate and cheese, and beautiful landscapes, then Switzerland is a destination to look for higher education.

Switzerland Universities offers many courses of study for Doctorate, Bachelor, Masters  etc at many different Universities which offers higher education to students off different languages such as German, English, French, Italian.


  • University of Basel
  • University of Bern
  • University of Lausanne
  • University of Zürich
  • University of Genève
  • University of Neuchâtel
  • University of Luzern
  • University of Gallen


Switzerland is a country where many top leaders and known people live. Sportsman like Federer, Top Scientist like Einstein etc are from this beautiful nation.

Switzerland is also called as Heart of Europe and you can even travel 3 countries in one Afternoon as they are very small in area and you can experience your International tour too.


Switzerland has three main official languages : German, Italian and French. English language isn’t important in Switzerland. You need to know first the official language .

Though many universities also offer wide range of programmes taught in English Language.

The certificates of you need to provide depending on the language you wish to study are:

  • For German: DSH, TestDaF, OSD, telc, and others;
  • For French: DELF or DALF;
  • For English: IELTS or TOE

Suppose if you don’t have this language certificate then you can take language test at the university and then the university will decide if the level of language is sufficient for you to study at the university or not.


  • A printed and signed copy of your application form.
  • A copy of your I.D.
  • Two passport photos.
  • Official academic transcripts from each university you studied.
  • High school diploma or your Bachelor’s degree.
  • Language proficiency certificate for German, French, or English.
  • Personal essay or motivation letter.
  • Evidence you paid the application fee.