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Visitor Visa

Visitor Visa Overview:

If you wish to enter a foreign country then you should have visit visa of that country. Visitor visas, in general, are non-immigrant visa for the person who wants to enter in that country. Non-immigrant visa means that you are entering in the country on temporary basis for business or tourism purposes.

Need for a Visitor Visa:

In general, visit visas are used for visit or business purposes or tourist purposes. Visitors who want to enjoy the beauty of nature apply for visit visa for that particular country where they want to go. Business officials apply for visit visa for their temporary business dealings in certain country. Likewise, some people may also need a visit visa for visiting their closed ones settled in the respective country or to undergo any treatments at an international hospital.

How to Apply for Visitor Visa?

There are different ways to apply for visit visas. You can apply for visit visa using online service. You have to complete online non-immigrant visa application form which contains your particulars including your photo ID. In addition to this, you have to pay a fee for visa processing application. After your form is assessed by the consulate of that country, they will ask you about an interview. The purpose of this interview is to know about your purpose of entering in the country. After that you have to wait until they confirm your visa application.

How Do I Start?

Call us or leave a message with us about your requirement detailing Country you’re planning to travel, Start dates, Purpose of visit, who is sponsoring / Inviting you? and other details .

Our consultants will reach out to you with the below listed details:

  • Visa requirements
  • Visa fees
  • Proof of funds required
  • Basic documents checklist requirement and
  • Other important details for your visit visa

Once you’ve complete clarity of the process you can register with BridgeVisas, a dedicated case officer will be assigned and would proceed with the further process of visa filing.

Highlights of Visitor Visa

We are specialists in Visitor visa processing for Canada, Australia, UK, USA, New Zealand, Schengen Visa to European countries, Dubai visit visa, Qatar, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and many other countries around the world.

Validity: depends on the purpose of your visit and country you are applying for. Normally a 6 months single or multi entry visa would be issued.
Visa Fee: Depends on the country, talk to our team to get exact details
Eligibility: Any person with valid passport, genuine reason to travel and sufficient proof of funds can apply

What BridgeVisas can offer?

  • Detailed orientation of the visit visa process
  • Customized documents checklist
  • Visa form filling
  • Visa application launching

Additional Paid Services

  • Travel Itenary preparation in case of Tourist visa
  • Hotel Bookings
  • Air Ticket Blocking